Dear Mr. Obama, 

I am sure that you have recieved many letters, possibly hate mail and you have seen enough of what is going on in Gaza. 

Here is one more. This is not hate mail. This is an appeal. 

An appeal to imagine. Let’s say I had a problem with one single group within the White House. In order for me to deal with that one group, I bomb the entire White House because that is the easiest thing to do, right? I give you minimal to no warning. You have nowhere to run. Now imagine Sasha’s limbs are no longer attached to her body and Malia’s brain is literally blown out with shrapnel in her heart as she takes her last breath, right in your arms. All while you were trying to have a nice, peaceful dinner with Michelle. Michelle is brutally hurt and your people are trying to rush her to the hospital only to find out that my people are not letting any ambulances go through because I said so. Michelle is fighting for her life. You hope that Press is recording these atrocities but guess what, I am killing the Press people because how dare they spread the news about the horrible things I am doing to the White House and especially you and your family. Later, you find out that Michelle is dead and every single person that you cared for is fatally injured or dead. I know these are horrible things to imagine and I have no intention of bombing anything…but for fun’s sake, I want you to take a deep breath and imagine these horrible things. Imagine that everything that you built around you, your family, your life has now been ruined because I had a problem with one group. Poor Malia had a whole life ahead of her and Sasha, well, you know Sasha. She was going to be the first female president of the United States. Oh well, they are now dead. 

This is nothing new Mr. Obama. You know this very well but can you for a moment, stop. Feel the pain of losing everything. I know Israel is very near and dear to you. I also know that helping the people of Gaza does not benefit you financially in any way. But if there is anything you want to be remembered by, and you want to leave your presidential legend behind, let this be one. Forget Obama Care.. we all know how that went. 

Stop the blood shed. I ask you because you have power. You have connections. You are different.  Or I want to believe that you are different. Is Malia’s life more important than the life of a Palestinian girl? If your answer is yes, then I have nothing else to say to you. If your answer is no and I hope it is, then please think of them like they were your daughters. Would you then say to the world, “Farah has the right to defend herself (regardless of what the cost is)?” In this case, by Farah, you know that I mean Israel, right? 

Of course, Israel like any other state has the right to defend itself. Does defending itself mean shooting people in the street as they run for cover from the recent air strike on their house or to help their injured family members? Does defending itself means dropping stupid number of rockets randomly and killing civilians and then watching it happen comfortably behind the iron dome with a cold beverage and a cigarette in their hands? Does defending itself means treating humans less than insects and humiliate them every step of the way? How do you define defense? 

We are at 900+ deaths so far in Gaza and 1500+ injured, yeah? How do you feel about that? Do you feel that everything is fair in war? Does this seem fair to you if it was your own wife and daughters? How many more have to die for Mr. Kerry to be able to reach an agreement with Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Abbas? OR, I have a big fat OR for you. What is it that you are actually hiding by directing the entire world’s attention to all this? Are you afraid that if you worked with Israel a bit more agressively that you will have personal financial issues after your presidency is over? What is it, Mr. Obama? To be honest, a straight and a direct answer without belly dancing around the issue would be seriously awesome.

I cheered for you when you were elected. Even though, you are not my President, I believed in your campaign. I believed in your words as a World Leader. What happened? What is Michelle doing now? She was so onboard with “bringing back the girls”… where is she now? 

Mr. Obama, help Palestine for a change. Give them an opportunity to breathe. Give them an opportunity to live freely. They are humans. They have feelings. Bombs hurt, you know. 

Many hearts are bleeding all over the world who are watching the second season of this show called Naziism. We all know how the first season was like. Why is this second season on air? If you had family living in Gaza, what would you have done day 1 of this conflict? What would you have done by day 10 of this genocide? Please think of them as your family – a human family. They bleed the same colour as you. 

Human life whether it is an Israeli life or a Palestinian life, Jewish life or a Muslim life, is a life. A life that has the right to be. Be free. Be alive. 

You can do this, Mr. Obama. You can stop this. Yes, you can. 

Yours Sincerely,
A Human


What a journey it has been so far!! The last 29 years of my life has taken me through a fun roller coaster ride. The biggest moment in my young life was finding my Prince Charming. And of course, graduating from a money sucking institution, finding a great job that I actually like, came to Canada, went to Mexico, Cuba, Iceland, London, Saudi Arabia, New York and Florida, made great friends along the way, blessed with 9 little babies (not mine) and grew closer to my family in one way or the other. Definitely loved every moment of it. Of course, there are downs when there are ups. Its the natural course of things but having a loving family and awesome friends, downs tend to have a shorter lived life.

A couple of days ago, I had to say goodbye to my 20s. It was and is a bitter sweet feeling. It is sweet because a new chapter in my life has begun. In a short period of time, I was blessed enough to accomplish so much. Thank you, dear God! It is also sweet because I was able to conquer or let’s say, control some of my physical ailments which has cleared a path for my future years.

However, it feels bitter because I really don’t want my ladies feeling the wrath of gravity nor am I looking forward to crows feet or permanent frown lines. Metabolism slows down, skin starts to sag and patience runs thin. I know I know, that’s very shallow of me but appearance is important..for as long as you can hold off, why not. If looking good and taking care of your physical appearance is shallow, then ladies and gentlemen, I am shallow. :p

The rising confidence level I have been experiencing has been a delicious treat as well as not sweating the small stuff is a new thing I have been going through. So weird yet so refreshing. Cherry on top is that the bigger picture in life is becoming clearer and clearer.

As I breathe deeply, I believe that getting older is not that bad of a thing. Sure, my husband won’t get to have his “that’s right, my wife is in her 20’s high five” with other men anymore but as long as I work on defying gravity, eat healthy and be happy, I can give myself a high five.

Here’s to another awesome, wild, sexy, healthy and a successful decade.


New York, eh?

I had the honour to attend my friend’s Bachelorette party this last weekend in NYC. There were 7 females under the same roof at a loft apartment in Manhattan. We all survived. The bathroom usage wasn’t too bad and everybody was quite awesome.

As some of you might know, I am not a city person. If it was up to me, I would live in a house on a property surrounded by 1-15 acres of greens with no neighbours around. Ahhh.. .the dream! My brother once said, if something dangerous happened to you, nobody will be able to help you. To that I said, I live in an attached townhouse. If something happened to me in there, even then, nobody would be able to help. What would be the difference if I lived away from chaos or in chaos.
This is the unfortunate truth about our isolated culture even when we are surrounded by people.

Back to the Bachelorette party….we had a blast. Good food, great company and lots of laughter. We had breakfast Saturday morning at an all American diner. The portion sizes are humongous. Seriously. You could probably have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same portion. I guess, if you have the discipline, you could save a lot of money on your daily food intake. 🙂 We had dinner at Beauty and the Essex. This was a new experience. We walked into a normal looking retail store and I am thinking, “umm, where is the restaurant? I am hungry!”. We walked through the retail store and a gentleman dressed nicely opened the door for us. As we walk in, I see this massive chandelier, beautiful people dressed in beautiful clothing, and we get seated in a dark, candle lit area. Let me tell you something… the food was sooo good, I cannot even begin to describe how good it was. I love food. You must know this by now, yes? I don’t think there was a single meal we had that wasn’t delicious.

I also got to experience High Tea. Until last weekend, I had no clue what High Tea was. Was it tea that you drank and got high? Was it tea that you drank from a high place? Oh no, it wasn’t either. It is an English tradition where you all dress up and get together in a hoity toity place and have amazing little baby sandwiches and dessert and of course some fabulous tea. It was probably the most delicious baby sandwiches I ever had. Mmm mmm good.

It was more like a Bachelorette trip than a party, you see. What a beautiful thing to add to my mental database. Having said that, New York is not my cup of tea…. see what I did there? 🙂 I loved the company, had a fabulous time but walking by Ground Zero was heart breaking, the cab drivers were rude and seriously need driving lessons and for the amount of garbage and “sanitization” trucks that pass by, the place stinks like baby’s diaper gone bad. Shopping is great in NYC, so I hear. Apparently, if you have to look for a price tag, you probably can’t afford it. That seems to be the attitude of high end store sales reps especially at Prada. When she saw my friend struggling to check out the price on a handbag, she got annoyed, walked over and very rudely said, “Its one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five dollars” and walks away. In the same store, a security guard says to us, “Ma’am, you can’t take pictures in here”. Pssshaaww, I say. One should never underestimate anyone’s value by their casual appearance. I could have been Prada’s Undercover Boss. You know what I mean!

It definitely requires some level of mental capacity and skill to be a New Yorker. Next stop is California. Lets see how that goes for silly ole’ country loving me. 🙂

Get off your control horse

You know you have had a decent time with your partner when 7 years of being together and out of 7, four years of being married feels the same as when we first met. Of course, there are ups and downs, but you grow up, get stronger and learn to love each other’s awesomeness and crap in the process.

Yesterday, it was our 4th year anniversary. About that, well, you see, we both have a thing called the “pleasing” syndrome. We like to make each other happy but in doing so, we get stressed out hoping to live up to each other’s expectations and end up doing the very opposite of pleasing. So, this year for our anniversary, we decided to do nothing. Believe it or not, “nothing” actually led to a great, stress free night of pure glee.

I got home after work fully expecting to do nothing. I thought we would make some dinner and watch our recorded shows like we normally do but my dearest surprised me and said, “I would like to take you out for dinner.” In return I said, “whaaaaaaaaaaa” followed by “yessssss”. If you know my husband, he is not keen on going out to restaurants. The food at most restaurants is usually not done up to his standards from health and nutrition perspective. So, when he asked the question, I went into overjoyed mode and off we went to devour my favourite cuisine – SUSHI!!!

During dinner, we decided that after dinner, we will go home, cozy up in bed and go online shopping looking for gifts for each other. We didnt buy anything for each other. This is how much of “nothing” we were planning to do this year. While surfing the net, I could get whatever I wanted and so could he and we would order it for each other. Lazy or efficient, you ask?  I say, its a great idea is what it is!  Then we left the restaurant and plans changed slightly. Across the restaurant, I saw my spa I go to typically.  I just re-read that previous line and snickered a little. I sound like a “fru fru” person, don’t I? Well, I am, so there! :)Mmmm…snickers! We walked over to the spa and my husband reluctantly agreed to have his feet massaged. I think he enjoyed himself very much and so did I.

He took me out to a restaurant he could do without and went for a foot massage he wasn’t  very keen on. He must love me very much. I guess sometimes, just being in the company of your loved ones is more than enough.

One thing I have learned from last night’s experience is that sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. Not everything can or should be planned in life. Sometimes, these spontaneous moments in a husband and wife’s life are oh so wondrous.  I plan for a living. I make a plan, and then I have a plan to execute the plan and then monitor the plan until the plan is on its last breath saying, leave me alone you planning monster. So, it was nice that my non planning led to a beautiful and a memorable night.

Mind you, planning for things has its own importance but sometimes you just have to get off your control horse, let go of stuckupness, pretend you are drunk and carpediem the s#@t out of your beautiful moments with the awesome people in your life.

Here is to many more years of happy anniversaries!


Iceland 2013 – Day 6 and 7

Day 6: Attended Ladies with Lasers session at the Fanfest. Interesting however haven’t come to the dark side yet. Fanfest ended with a big bang Top of the World party. Had an awesome time with Lars, Angie and Tina. Met up with a few friends and had an awesome night.

Day 7: We had plans to go to the Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately, it was packed and our plans had to be cancelled. Then we hopped on the plane and came back home.

As usual, I caught the plane bug. Got a sore throat, headache, fever and much more grossness. I can’t remember a single trip where I haven’t gotten sick during or after the trip. Stupid recycled sickly airplane air! I hate you.

Anywho, I lie here, on my couch, mostly drugged, thinking about how thankful I am for going on this trip and enjoying every moment to its fullest.

Even though, I didn’t get to see the Northern lights nor did I get to go on any excursions but I hear that Fanfest happens annually….so ya never know.

Thank you for following my Icelandic journey with me. 🙂


Iceland 2013 – Day 4 and 5

And so it began…Eve Online Fanfest. T’was Day 1 of Fanfest so you can all imagine the sheer excitement my dearest husband was experiencing. We woke up, had breakfast and went straight over to our friend’s place to get him tattooed up for the big day. Thanks Cyn. 🙂

Looks bad ass, doesn’t he?

There was a planned Viking workout at the Mjolnir gym. Yup. We worked out brutal style, I mean Viking style. It was intense, man. It was awesome to work out with Roc and CCP Xhagen and a few Devs and players. I have no idea how sore I am. This is how sore I am that I have lost track of how sore I am.

Say that 5 times really really fast.

After a stop over at the hotel to shower up, I joined Roc at Harpa. I followed him around all day just like the Johnson and Johnson girls. You are like, whaaa?
J&J is doing a research piece on gaming/health and wellness. They heard about Marcus’ body and health transformation inspired by his game avatar, Roc Wieler and decided to come to Iceland and see him in his element. I had the opportunity to spend some time with them. They are awesome. Seriously. Down to earth, friendly and as soon as I met them, I felt like I have known them for years.

As part of their research, they interviewed a few people to ask about Roc and how he has impacted their lives. I got to witness some of these interviews and boy was I proud of my husband.

Here are some of the comments people said about him (either directly to me or during their interviews)

“With Roc’s constant kick in the ass attitude, I was motivated to join the gym and lost some weight” ~Steve

“Roc’s rules and his blog got me out of my depression and got me moving on with my life” – “I met him for the first time in my life (this visit to Iceland), somehow felt comfortable enough to pour my heart out to him, and he just listened. By him just listening, he helped me in ways he doesn’t even know” ~BG

“He is an amazing man” ~ Drunk Ned Coker

“You are a lucky woman” ~ Xander Phoena

“Roc’s character is egotistical and self reflective but the way he presents himself, it’s intriguing, really”~ Seismic Stan

And so many more awesome comments that would be too much to type here. Even Hilmar, the CEO of Eve Online shook hands with him and said, “you are an inspiring man”. Now, that’s an awesome compliment and a jet powered motivation for Roc and Marcus to keep marching forward.

It has truly been a great journey to see my husband grow, to see his evolution as a man, just because of a game. A lot of people have asked me in the last couple of days, “how do you put up with him?” and my answer has been, “Look at him”. He is truly the most hardworking, determined, honest, focused, goal driven, sensitive and a balanced man I have ever seen. Yes, his game character’s persona may not be fancied by many but in my opinion, people need to get over themselves.
Just sayin’… 🙂

Last night, we had a great Icelandic meal, Tapas style. Thanks to Sindell for organizing it. I feel like a horrible person though because I tried puffin and minke whale. Mmm… I did find out that minke whale is not on the extinction list soooo it’s safe to eat it.

Today, I attended day 2 of Fanfest and actually had a good time. We then walked over with CCP Sunset, Xander Phoena and Jeg for dinner at the Laundromat. Say whaaaa?
Yup, apparently it’s a cafe that has a fully functional laundromat in the basement with a play area for kids. What a neat idea!!
By the way, the burger meal we would normally pay, uh, $10 for, we paid $23 because that’s how it goes around here. Man, that sucks!!

The night ended with a thing called Pub Crawl with a Dev, where a bunch of people go from pub to pub and drink the bars dry. Fun, eh! We ended up staying at the Iskenski bar and had some fun conversations with Diana, Simas, Marcel, Sober Ned Coker, Hans and a few more people.

So many people. So many awesome people. It truly is refreshing but what is more refreshing is that my husband is a beautiful man. I love him and am very proud of him.

Must get some sleep now. Tomorrow will be another crazy, busy and a fantastic day.

A fat muaaaah to all your zit free foreheads!


Iceland 2013 – Day 3

So I wake up just to go, “what the $h*t??”as I raise the blinds and see a massive snowy stormy crap out the window. I understand that I am currently consuming space on the land of ice so really snowy weather would not be an oddity but it looked mean and unpleasant so I lowered the blinds and moved on with my day.

Stupid snow.

Anywho, we had breakfast on the 8th floor of the hotel. Later we went and relaxed in the hot spring tub and the steam room. It was great.

Then we decided to go on with our day so we leave the hotel and BAM, let there be sunshine. I swear to you, there wasn’t a lick of snow on the ground. Whatsupwiddat?? Yup. All gone. The sun was glorious. It truly has been a rarity to see sun shining for more than 2 minutes at a time…or shall I say since I have been here. Today surprised me. Weather was great. Husband was great. And lots of walking around Reykjavik’s downtown streets, looking at super expensive things in the shops, stopping over to have some lunch and then going to a cafe for a crepe and coffee was great.

Speaking of super expensive things, holy wowzers are they expensive! For example, we walked into a t-shirt store…you know the ones that have funny images and/quotes on them… You know what I’m talking about, right? Just nod your head, smile and keep going…:)…they were $35 for 1 when you can get the exact same crap for 2 for $20 back in the C-land. I get why they are expensive but seriously?

I had a great time at the Eve Online Simphonia which was held at the Harpa. It was Eve music done live in a concert/orchestral form. It was a good experience.

We then joined some fellow Eve players at The Celtic Cross. What an awesome bunch! At least the ones I met. Lets see if I can remember everyone…well, there was a guy that kissed my husband…Xander Phoena I believe his character name was. Then we met the ever so energetic James. He had really soft skin and was absolutely hilarious. What a nice combo to have…great skin and a great sense of humour!!
We also met Steve and Matt and Sindell and the quiet guy in the kilt. He seemed like a nice fella. I found out today that good wool kilts can be up to $1200. Nope, thats not a typo. Marcel was dangerously hilarious and super fun to hang out with.

I’m sure I met lots more people but unfortunately can’t remember everyone’s name…yet.

It is refreshing to meet a bunch of funny strangers. It is seriously odd that everyone I met was so comical…and I mean that with love. I laughed so hard tonight, my face was hurting.

Everybody talks to everybody. It’s a bond amongst Eve players that I haven’t seen anywhere…mind you…I haven’t seen much 🙂 The booze probably helps expedite the social-ness of this whole thing…


Side note: High heels are a bitch.

Iceland 2013 – Day 2

What a soul enriching day! Lots of amazing food, good hearty laughter and a day full of fun conversations with our friends.

Going back to the amazing food thought, it’s very rare around here….but yesterday we went to a hole in the wall sushi place for a quick snack and it was the sushi to die for. Never had sushi like that ever!! It was absolutely awesome. Lady there, mind you, wasn’t oriental which was interesting, said to us that they catch fish on a daily basis hence the freshness. Mmm mmm good.

For lunch, we ended up going to Soup in a Bread Bowl place. Guess what they served there :). It was absolutely fantastically superliciously delicious.
For dinner, my lovely and I divided and conquered. He went to celebrate a fella’s birthday while I was at an amazing Icelandic fine dining place celebrating a friend’s birthday. I had Panfried Plaice. It was so so so good.
We talked and talked and laughed and laughed some more. It was truly something I needed. Had no worry in the world. Just thoroughly enjoyed myself.

My goal is to truly seize many beautiful moments and days not just for this trip but for the rest of my life.

So yeah…I went all senti menti on you…/puke…but it was worth the puke, yeah?

Weather update: it suuucccckkksss!